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My name is Steve Milo and I own a full service beach property management company that is now managing more than 500 vacation condo and house rentals in Northeast Florida and Sarasota County.

Based on my own personal experience and references from other owners whose property I manage, I am achieving superior occupancy rates (see below for references). I have built my business two ways: through “word of mouth,” and through Internet marketing, particularly search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Just to give you a little background, I used to work in the software and Internet Marketing industry, and ran the e-commerce division of a very large company. I left my "day job" in August 2005 to pursue my passion for real estate and vacation rentals, which began when I started managing my own personal vacation rental properties. I’ve used my Internet marketing background to create a very effective vacation rental business. My only complaint for the vacation rental business is that I did not start it sooner, because I really love it!

One question property owners always ask is why my occupancy rates are so much higher than other companies'. The answer is simple:  Internet marketing is our specialty, and so it is easier for prospective vacationers to find our website, www.VacationRentalPros.com, on the web. Vacation Rental Pros spends thousands of dollars every single month to achieve superior search results on more than 300 targeted online travel directories.

Vacation Rental Pros also devotes a lot of time to the photos and copy of every single home and condo we manage. The photos and copy make the properties come alive for prospective vacationers, in addition to giving them plenty of specific information about how each room in the property looks, what the amenities of the resort are like, and exactly where the property is located.

We also post every customer review -- good or bad! -- for each property, along with our response to the vacationer's comments. We find that customers love the transparency, and our property owners learn a lot about how to improve their vacation rentals for maximum occupancy and greater customer satisfaction.

We learn more every day from our customers. Early on, we discovered that many vacationers were looking for rentals that welcomed their pets. We contacted property owners, and soon launched a second website, www.PetVacationHomes.com, just to list pet-friendly rentals. Of course pet-friendly houses and condos are also a feature of our main website.
My strongest asset is my owners’ satisfaction with my service.

Take a moment to read Vacation Rental Pro's reviews and testimonials, below. We handle every aspect involved with rental management, including bookings, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.  We do not “nickel and dime” our owners with fees and we do not charge our owners to use their own rentals. We are not running a hotel and we will not manage your rental like a hotel room! 

At Vacation Rental Pros, there is no “conflict of interest” where the first priority is to sell real estate. Rental management is our full-time job, and our most important goal is our owners’ satisfaction. 

I am confident that Vacation Rental Pros will provide you with the best property management and the highest occupancy you have ever had. Not only will this put more money in your pocket, but we can deliver a superb rental history that will help increase the value of your property in our struggling Real Estate market. 

I am selectively looking to manage vacation house and condo rentals in Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Siesta Key, and Venice, Florida. All owners who use my management service are listed for FREE on www.VacationRentalPros.com, and if you are “pet friendly,” you also get a FREE listing on www.PetVacationHomes.com. I also provide owners of condos or homes a FREE projection of the potential for occupancy and rental income.

If you have and high-quality rental property that can benefit from higher occupancy, or a home you are considering using as rental property, we should talk.

Please email me at stevemilo@yahoo.com or call me at (904) 707-1487. Thanks for your consideration, and best of luck with your rental property.

Steve Milo 

P.S. I am happy to provide references from other owners (see just a few below).
Steve Milo 
Managing Director (and owner)
Vacation Rental Pros Property Management LLC (operating under 509 Florida Statutes) 6233 A1a South, St Augustine Beach, FL 32080
(904) 707-1487 (Cell Phone) - *** Best Number to Reach Me
(941) 847-0640 (Fax)
Real Estate sellers or buyers, please contact Vacation Rental Pros Real Estate, LLC. at realestate@vacationrentalpros.com

References for Vacation Rental Pros Property Management, LLC

I have the highest praise personally and professionally for Steve Milo and his associates at Vacation Rental Pros. Their attention to detail is superb and I believe it all flows from the top.
From A to Z: accounting, aggressive pricing, booking, customer service availability and quality, management, quality control, special assistance, and you name it, all leads ultimately to a hands off, hassle free, highly profitable experience.
I have no reservations in highly recommending the services of Vacation Rental Pros. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask Steve for my contact information.

Dr. Todd Rappaport, Jacksonville, Florida Owner of Cinnamon Beach Condo 461 and Cinnamon Beach Condo 752, Palm Coast, FL
Steve Milo came to us in the same way that I come to you, by letter introducing himself and his company to us. Initially, we were skeptical thinking just another rental company, but decided to give him a try since we had very slow rentals. I'm so glad we did!
Steve began managing our oceanfront condo in early April 2007. Our condo has been rented 80% of the short time that he's taken over. It's been very refreshing to work with someone that really cares about his reputation and I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and sincere. He is our eyes and ears in Florida when we can't be there. We are from the Annapolis, Maryland area. If you contact him with a concern or question he doesn't return your call the next day, he returns it within the hour. Wow!
I would not hesitate to recommend Vacation Rental Pros Property Managers to other Cinnamon Beach owners.

Hal, Vera, Kevin, and Steffenie Murnane, Annapolis MD Owners of Cinnamon Beach Condo 842, Palm Coast FL
My experience with Steve Milo and his company, Vacation Rental Pros, has far exceeded my expectations. I have several rental properties on both Florida coasts. In the past, management of these properties, as well as rental income, have been disappointing.
I am very impressed with Steve's entire management process, specifically, attention to detail, marketing skills, and organization. That process, I believe, has attributed greatly to the tremendous increase in income from the properties Steve is now managing for me. He is a hands-on manager, but will delegate to his team , when necessary. He has always been prompt to answer any questions that arise, and is very helpful with conflict resolutions.
My greatest wish is that he will someday manage properties in the panhandle, as well.

Joyce Beaty, Kennesaw, GA owner of Cinnamon Beach 932  
I have been working with Steve Milo and his company for almost a year now. I have worked with other companies in the past, none of which have come close to approaching Steve's company in bookings, timeliness, or honesty. Steve has a hands-on approach to running his company. He has displayed the highest level of integrity.
Bookings are more than double that achieved by any of my previous companies. Monthly payments arrive in a timely manner, and concerns are addressed rapidly. Steve has a group of honest and highly efficient staff working for him. His subcontractors, such have the AC company he uses, have done excellent work.
I give my highest level of recommendation to Steve and his company. I have no doubt that you will be extremely pleased with your decision if you decide to work with Steve's company. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can answer any further questions for you.

Jeff Garland, Jacksonville, FL - Cinnamon Beach # 853 and #545

We have used Vacation Rentals Pros since October of 2006 for both of our Cinnamon Beach condos . After being disappointed by other rental agency services and empty promises we decided to switch to Steve Milo's service. Steve talked in detail with us about his business philosophy, service offering as well as projected forecast of rental income. 

Thus far we have been very pleased with the bookings and rentals rates. We are ahead of revenue projections and confident this should continue to grow in the future. Steve has put in place a very good quality inspection service as well as preventive maintenance program. The communication from his staff of condo items that should to be replaced, repaired, etc. is great. This provides peace of mind that our condos are being cared for in a professional manner especially since we live far away from Palm Coast. 

I have also been impressed with Steve's determination to insure the Rental Owners "voice" is being heard at the Condo Association Boards and Condo Association Management Company. This has proven to be very beneficial for up to date communication. We would highly recommend Vacation Rental Pros! 

Bob & Denise Krajeski, Upton, MA, owners of Cinnamon Beach 754 and 144 

Working with Steve at Vacation has been an outstanding experience right from the start. Steve and him team have exceeded my expectation renting my unit. They have also don a great job keeping the unit in great shape and taking care of the difficult to deal with maintence issues. He and his team are pro active and make owning and renting a condo an easy an pleasant experience. I highly recommend vacation rental Pro's. 

Benny Scott, Scott M & A Corp., Piqua OH, owner of Cinnamon Beach #241 

Steve Milo and Vacation Rental Pros have exceeded my lofty expectations in almost every way. My family and I use our Cinnamon Beach condominium as a regular vacation oasis. As a result, we were looking for a company that would not only provide regular rental income but also care for our home away from home. 

Every time we visit our condominium it reaffirms our decision to work with Steve and Vacation Rental Pros. Our unit is well maintained, clean and has the appearance of a brand new unit. This is quite impressive considering that unit bookings have exceeded our expectations. Steve has allowed us to stop worrying about the care and management of our property when we are in between family vacations. 

Andy Pratt, Troy, OH, owner of Cinnamon Beach #242 

I wish to express our gratitude on our 18 month of doing business with Vacation Rental Pros. Our experience to date has been a very positive experience and we have wished that we had signed up earlier. Thank you again and look forward for our continued success. 

Tony Pezzulo, Naples Florida, Cinnamon Beach Unit 761.

Steve Milo has been managing my condo for the past year. I have found Steve to be very professional in every aspect of his business. His accounting statements are meticulous. His pricing of the rentals is appropriate and I believe that he has maximized the rental potential. When minor repairs were needed in my unit he took care of it quickly. He stays on top of the local politics of the condo association and he was instrumental in stopping some policies that would have been detrimental to the rental program. I think that his fees are very reasonable especially compared to my previous experience with Destination Resorts.
I give Steve Milo my strongest recommendation. Do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Ed Fobben, Chatham, NJ, - owner of Cinnamon Beach 655
I began with another property management company and they had very few bookings for my condos. I contracted with Steve Milo’s company in early 2006 and in short order he had both of my condos practically booked solid with weekly rentals.
I recently made a decision to sell one of my condos (unit 1064) and the booking revenues from the condo was a motivating reason for the buyers who bought my unit.
I would not hesitate to recommend Vacation Rental Pros Property Managers to other owners.

Bernard Frazer (owner of unit 1062), London England    

Steve Milo came to us over the balcony!  My wife and I are living in unit #1061, a Cinnamon Beach lakeside condo unit, while our house in St. Augustine is being built. We have been enjoying the incredible sunsets, the alligators, fish and turtles while noticing that the condo next to us was constantly being rented. This aroused our curiosity as we owned two units in Cinnamon Beach and had not had a successful rental experience with either. We chatted with our new neighbors, and they shared Steve’s name and contact information with us.
I contacted Steve in early April, and he began managing my oceanfront unit on May 1st, 2006. Since that time, he has rented the condo 17 out of the 18 weeks. I have met Steve on several occasions and have found him knowledgeable about real estate both here in the Palm Coast, the west coast of Florida and the national market, a very personable young man.
The good news is the communication both by phone and email about the rentals. The better new is that our income disbursement check arrives promptly each month without a phone call.
For those of you who are looking for a new rental agent, I highly recommend Steve Milo and his company Vacation Rental Pros Property Managers LLC.

Vacation Rental Managers Association